HSE Policy

Our policy is to provide, maintain safe and healthy working condition, equipments and system of work for all our employees.

Risk assessments will be applied to ensure appropriate provision is made to address environmental impacts, health and safety considerations with the aim of eliminating the risk and controlling them wherever reasonably practicable through technological adaptations, employing Engineering control measures, resorting to safer work practices and empowering work force.

Legal provision and our internal best practices.

Continuously monitor HSE performances and provide adequate HSE resources.

Facilitates the prevention and reduction of injury and ill health, damage to property and prevention of pollution related to Oryx activities.

Oryx is committed to preserve the environment free of pollution and provide safety by way of-

Maintaining strict compliance to local rules and regulations keeping all regulatory and other competent authorities well informed as per law.

Oryx takes pride in the excellence of its OH & S performance and communicates it as a value proposition to win business contracts and satisfy customers.